Campsites recommended by us are committed to the environment and quality - in their own, individual way.

You as a guest can benefit from:

  • Sustainable behaviour: You are supporting a company that is committed to the environment and quality. So you are making a contribution.
  • Comfort: Modern, energy-efficient technology and the use of renewable energies increase your level of comfort.
  • Stable prices: Through the efficient use of water and energy, overnight rates can be kept stable.
  • Proximity to nature: A design that is close to nature protects biodiversity and improves the quality of your stay.
  • Nature experiences: Many campsites offer nature-oriented recreation programs, with environmental education aspects. Especially recommended are campsites which have been rated as "Naturerlebnisbetrieb" by our experts.
  • Quality and Service: Many campsites run guest surveys in order to better respond to your requests. Operators want to satisfy their guests completely.
  • Continuous improvement: Through regular consultations and the implementation of action plans, operators continue to develop. In this way, campsite operators commit themselves to us and to you.