Klimafreundlicher Betrieb

It is true that camping causes significantly fewer CO2 emissions than long distance travel or hotel stays. Despite this, even when camping there is still much to be done to protect the environment.

Campsite operators who are particularly involved in environmental protection are presented with the "Klimafreundlicher Betrieb" award.

They must fulfil 28 criteria – climate protection areas range from energy supply and use to information for guests.

The review is completed on-site by ECOCAMPING e.V. Monitoring everything is an independent expert advisory committee.

Important: The wellbeing of guests remains our focus. A more climate friendly holiday is not only a type of holiday with a future, but the use of renewable energy and modern technology also means an increase in comfort for guests.

Awarded operators are identified by the "Klimafreundlicher Betrieb" logo – find climate friendly campsites here.

Klimafreundlicher Betrieb