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Holidays cause CO2 emissions – offsetting them is quite simple!

It’s like this:

Donating to certified climate protection projects in Germany and in developing countries supports the sequestration of CO2 emissions and protects nature. Trees are planted, moorland protected and diversity of species increased.

An example:

Gudrun and Karl spend a week on holiday with their car and caravan. For the return trip of 500 kms each way they use 12 litre/100 km fuel.

  • As a result we have 650kg CO2 emissions.

While on site Gudrun and Karl go out to eat, go on excursions and have showers on the campsite. The result is an average of 5 kgs CO2 emissions per person per day.

  • In total we have 790 kgs CO2 emissions.

 In comparison with that: A 23 meter beech takes 1 month to absorb 1 kg CO2!

  • Gudrun and Karl spend €8.00 to offset their holiday – A small price to pay for such a massive return!

Join in and make your holiday environmentally friendly, for example, with a contribution of €0.30 for a day’s holiday!

You can calculate and offset your carbon footprint here.