UN decade “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD)

ECOCAMPING is an official ESD project  

Ever since it was founded, ECOCAMPING e.V. [registered association] has had as its goal to work with the camping industry in an environmentally friendly way and to keep as many people as possible informed and aware of relationships in nature and the environment. After all, only people who realise what the consequences of their behaviour are can contribute to us leaving the foundation upon which future generations can live a healthy and fulfilled life.

ECOCAMPING e.V. has three times been awarded the accolade “education for sustainable development” (ESD) by the German Commission for UNESCO as a “World Decade” project.

Experience nature at the campsite

With its programme “experiencing nature” ECOCAMPING is training camping staff to spread the word about ESD by means of group projects. Practical outworking is a priority: they try out and develop together ways to bring camping guests closer to nature, the environment and sustainability and whatever can be implemented with them during the holiday.

The thought behind this is: there is hardly any other form of holiday that offers people the opportunity to be close to nature quite like a holiday on a campsite. Anyone who looks at it as a mere backdrop misses out on all the sensations which can alter our perspective on everything that creeps and flies. There is something for everyone - children, young people and adults. In the relaxed holiday atmosphere, environmentally friendly behaviour patterns can develop which are then carried over into everyday life.

Leisure programme and education for sustainable development

Companies introduce measures which make a contribution to biodiversity on their sites e.g. nesting boxes, Benjes hedges, and wilderness areas such as butterfly meadows, which are designed and maintained by and with guests.

The advantage for campsites: the value of the site is increased by new facilities and, in addition, the guest is offered leisure facilities, which until this point has been very unusual. What’s more, this is good business sense because of increased customer satisfaction and better customer loyalty. At the end of the day, people want to see what creature will spend the next year living in one of the nesting boxes or insect hotels on the site.

Individual approaches

The characteristics of each site with its surroundings are included in the action plans which ECOCAMPING develops for its sites. And so nature reserves, regional peculiarities, local cooperation initiatives with farmers and nature conservation organisations as well as the wishes of the participants play a major role in ensuring that key players are committed to implementing the concepts developed.

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